Panic and How to Calm Down

I am sure that we have all (or most of us have) felt the feeling of panic. Be it when you are taking a test, when you are trying to speak to someone whom you were trying to impress or even when you are writing a little note to a person you admire.


This feeling of panic, the cold sweat and the anxiety is known to us all. But perhaps, we should try to do something about this…


But what?


I would suggest these few steps to help you out, if you can prepare for it:

  1. Prepare for the situation (Study!! Rehearse!!)
  2. Go to sleep early the day before
  3. Revise your work/lines just before you go in
  4. Take deep breaths
  5. Cheer yourself up
  6. Stay calm during the event

Remember, as long as you keep a clear head and prepare well, you have Nothing to worry about.


What if you are in a situation which you could not prepare for?

Then, you might like to try this:

  1. Breath in deeply
  2. Slowly let it go
  3. Let your emotions go (Do not let yourself act on your emotions)
  4. Clear your mind
  5. Think through and Evaluate your next step of action clearly
  6. Carry out what you feel you ought to do to the best of your ability

Try your best in these situations. If something goes wrong, you cannot blame yourself for it, no matter what people say. You have tried your best and should be able to live with the results.


Remember, all of us panic from time to time.



Stay Calm.



You will get through this.



3 thoughts on “Panic and How to Calm Down

    1. No problem! I just wanted to try to help people out there.😊
      If you want to, maybe you could also comment on a time when you had panicked to help the people look at other situations and what could be done. 😃
      Besides, I will continure updating and hope that you would continue reading and liking this blog. 😃

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